The MediCannaCare Story

Who is Dennis James and What is is my story about how I got sick and then got well with Medical Cannabis. I made mistakes in the process and now I would like to help people side-step the challenges I faced.

However, I must say this now. Be aware that I am not a doctor and I am not prescribing anything. I am merely pointing to people, products, and retailers who helped me and could possibly help you.

What you will find on is my story about the steps I took to get well with Medical Cannabis and what you might do to accomplish the same. includes information about:

  • Medical Cannabis brands and safe products that might help you get well
  • Doctors who understand Medical Cannabis products and can prescribe them
  • Reputable Medical Cannabis retailers and knowledgeable budtenders who can sell you the right products
  • Most importantly, people will share their stories about how seniors, veterans, families, and folks with pets used Medical Cannabis to get well.

And away we go!

About 5 years ago I left a stressful job with a local company. As that job ended, I found that my immune system was not keeping up with my physical challenges and I was slowly sinking healthwise. I was in pain, unable to sleep, and in general, unable to control what we thought was Psoriasis that was spreading over my face and body.

Standard medical assistance and the usual white steroidal cream was not helping, and I was not doing well. In fact, I also ended up getting Bell’s Palsy which, after the first physical onslaught, leaves a person with slack facial muscles and painful neuropathy (nerve pain).  Of course, doctors offered opioids and other kinds of similar medications – but we all know where that leads these days.

This was one of the lows in my life and there is a point where you eventually wonder, “is this it?” because I kept getting worse. That is when I found that Medical Cannabis could not only help me deal with many of my medical challenges such as degraded immune system capabilities, pain, and sleeping; it also continues to support and increase my overall health. Now I am mostly symptom-free and able to continue working and living. Medical Cannabis put me back on my feet. I wake up clear-headed every morning ready to go.

Today I am one of the new professionals, father, and husband who take Medical Cannabis every day – just like I drink a cup of coffee every day. I rarely get high with it, it does not increase my alcohol intake (in fact, I do not drink at all), and I have not found it to be a gateway to heroin and other physically degrading drugs. I am more interested in safely using it to support my medical challenges as I grow older.

In the 60’s, it was known as a party drug. Now Medical Cannabis is the solution for millions of people who have health challenges or others who are addicted to opioids and other kinds of pain medications, and more. We need cost-effective medical solutions to aid the aging processes that we all face, and I am one example of someone who Medical Cannabis has helped.

Thank you for coming to If you have questions and would like to know more, please contact me using the Contact Form on this page [no link yet]. Also, If you can recommend safe Medical Cannabis Brands, doctors who understand Medical Cannabis, and retailers/budtenders that have helped you, please let me know!

Dennis James


As a side note, I very much support “An Informed Approach to Legal Cannabis: Compliance, Investing and Marketing” that Washington Legislature will explore in 2019. For more information on the legislation, please go to the WACA website. Please contact your senators and representatives to let them know they should support this Medical Cannabis legislation as a key initiative.