Medical Cannabis for Pets

Can Medical Cannabis Help Our Pets?

We all want our animals to have a great life!

There is no question that Medical Cannabis can help pets. I have some personal experiences with Medical Cannabis for Pets that I will provide later on this web page.

I could provide page after page of anecdotal feedback about how it saved this or that animal, reduced anxiety, reduced or stopped cancer tumors, and more. How? Our pets have the same special receptors on every cell for CBD and THC that we do.

For example, a German Shepard suffered two years by lying down or vomiting until his owner started to give him a daily dose of medical marijuana. Now he plays like a puppy.

A 12-year-old Lab mix suffered from liver and lung cancer. After his owner started to give him medicinal tincture made from Cannabis, he started to regain appetite. A Boxer’s skin cancer started to heal after cannabis oil topically was used.

Cancer, Osteoarthritis, and Epileptic Relief for Animals

Another recent study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology studied mice with melanoma cells. The mice were administered a combination of both THC and CBD. The European researchers discovered that the powerful combination of THC and CBD was effective in killing melanoma cells.

The July 23, 2018 “Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Clinical Efficacy of Cannabidiol Treatment in Osteoarthritic Dogs” study suggests that 2 mg/kg of CBD twice daily can help increase comfort and activity in dogs with osteoarthritis.

Last, researchers at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine published a study last summer showing that 80 percent of a small sample of dogs showed pain relief and increased mobility after two to four weeks of CBD treatment. Colorado State University also is working on a clinical trial that is showing early positive results of treating epileptic dogs with CBD.

The Biggest Challenge?

The biggest challenges to using Medical Cannabis is knowing how much to dose pets. While there is no press coverage on pets that have died from Medical Cannabis, there are plenty of articles about supposed “toxic” doses causing pets to become unstable and event taking the pet into the veterinarian. In these cases, “toxic” is not the correct word. From what I can see, just like humans, it is possible to get your pets too high when THC is introduced.

Toxic Added Ingredients

With Cannabis legal in many states, there is also a higher risk of added ingredients which are not included on the label. We have heard tales on television and Youtube about owners provided Cannabis products to their animals with death being the result of something that seemed funny at first until they took the pets to the Veterinarian.

For example, dogs might be more prone than cats to eat edibles, but added ingredients could be harmful to a dog, especially if it contains chocolate and raisins, as both are highly toxic to dogs. This is the best reason to use high-quality Brands which are diligent in maintaining ingredients for pets that are not toxic.

Interaction with Current Medications

The second question is, as noted by Consumer Reports, “CBD can interact with medications, including those used by vets. Also, there is less oversight and testing of products marketed for pets, and there have been reports of animals harmed by contaminated or spoiled CBD products.

There have also been reports of animals that seemed to get high from products, possibly because the formulations had more THC than was claimed. (CBD-only products are supposed to contain less than 0.3 percent THC.)”

Recommended – Fairwind Cannabis’ Companion

That is why, unless you use a product like Fairwinds Cannabis’ Companion which offers the information that can be used to verify their safety claims, it is recommended to stick to pet products that are made from hemp-based material and is high in CBD. It is also recommendable not to give medical marijuana to your pet without research.

The last connection to this is that in Washington State, Veterinarians (DVM) can prescribe Medical Cannabis for animal treatment only. If you have a Vet who supports the use of Medical Cannabis, please avail yourself of their information and support.

BTW, these stories you will read next are from my experience with Medical Cannabis and my pets. I am not prescribing or offering suggestions for you. I am simply noting my experience with Medical Cannabis and my pets.

Sammie’s Story

I have two cats. One cat, Sammie, is black and white long hair including the tuffs between her toes. These days she is around 8 pounds. When we first saw her, she was under 6 pounds and her hair was brittle and brown. Honestly, Sammie had been starving. I was not sure we were going to be able to support her needs.

The good news is that through the years that we have had her (we think Sammie is around 7 years old), Sammie has slowly gotten better. Her hair has grown out and her personality eventually emerged.

However, Sammie even now has challenges with her gut like stomach pain and digestive issues. She also had some PTSD from her ordeal. For example, when she was asleep and I would try to pet her, she would always jerk awake like someone was chasing her.


When her stomach acts up, she licks her stomach constantly to the point of wetness. The licking increases the number of hairballs as well. Also, when her stomach hurts, she is easily aggravated – not to the point that she would bite or scratch us or the other animals, but just the same she would be touchy.

When it gets bad, we take her to the Vet for a steroid prescription. When the steroids eventually would wear off, we would be back to where we started or worse within a couple of months.

Then we decided to try Medical Cannabis. There is a company called Fairwinds Cannabis with a product called “Companion.” Fairwinds Cannabis Companion designed specifically for dogs, cats, and other small animals. I avoided using Medical Cannabis with my animals previously as I did not know how much Medical Cannabis to give them and I didn’t know where to purchase it.

Fairwinds Cannabis Companion

I went to my Medical Cannabis retailer and found Fairwinds Companion. It is a tincture which means it comes in liquid form making it easier to dose. Note: Because it has THC as well as CBD, it can only be purchased at a Medical Cannabis retailer. The tincture is made with a 5 to 1 ratio of CBD to THC, providing an effect that is low in psychoactivity, but with enough THC to strengthen the tincture.

CBD alone is proven to be less effective for a variety of uses than when paired with THC. The “entourage effect” of combining these cannabinoids allows for results that are dramatically better than CBD or THC alone.

MediCannaCare Low and Slow Medical Cannabis Method

Using the same MediCannaCare Low and Slow Medical Cannabis Method of testing the dose that I recommend with humans, I figured out that initially, about one drop per 5 pounds was the correct dose for my cats who were both around 8 pounds.


The change in Sammie post-Medical Cannabis dose was amazing. Within 10 minutes she had calmed down and she stayed that way all day and into the evening. She was not licking her stomach anymore and she was less aggravated. That meant that she was gentler with the puppy when they would play. She was also happier and more affectionate without being pushy.

On Medical Cannabis, Sammie was a different cat. This is where I learned more about dosing her and how often a dose was needed to keep her calm. I tried to wait three days without dosing and that turned out to be too long. About the third day, Sammie would return to her old ways.

I then tried two days and while she would not get aggravated, I could see some twitchiness in her behavior and her head would still pop up when I tried to pet her when she was asleep.

Later, I increased the dose to 3 drops and that worked out better for her. When I dosed her every day, she continued to be fine because it is always important to have a small level of CBD/THC in the system. Her head did not pop up when I petted her when she was asleep. The biggest change is the overwhelming peace she had throughout the day.

June Bug’s Story

Our other cat, June Bug (named after the lady at Purrfect Pals who helped us), is a black and white British Shorthair with a big round Cheshire Cat face and three legs. We picked her from Purrfect Pals which was located at Petco. She gave us some perfunctory chase the feather on a string when we met her and then jumped up on the bench where we had a cat carrier, walked inside, and said, “let’s go!”

When You Hear that Little Meow

After a few years, I woke up one day and saw that June was awake but not moving. I went over to check her out and when I lifted her head, she did a quiet little meow like she was hurt. If you are an animal person you know what I am talking about. I gently moved her around and could tell that her back was hurting, so I took her into my Vet to see what had happened.

After we x-rayed her, we realized that there was nothing broken, and she had either pulled a muscle or bruised her back. The Vet gave me some medicine to inject in her once a week and while that seemed to help, I did not want to continue. Besides, I had good luck with Sammie and Medical Cannabis, so I decided to try some on her too.

The Proper Dose

Again, we started with two drops as she is about 7.5 pounds and since I had some experience with this now, I tested it and realized that two drops were perfect for her. The good news is that Medical Cannabis really perked her up. She started having more interest in things and you could see that she seemed happier. More importantly, we had a second benefit that popped up that was unexpected.

June Bug was our original cat. After a couple of years, we picked up Sammie to be her friend and a puppy, Bucky (Buckaroo Banzai or Buckminster Fuller if we are being formal) who was 12 weeks old and a rescue. To be honest, all these other animals unsettled June Bug.

She liked the puppy, but Bucky grew older he was yappy and playful, two things June Bug was not that interested in. So instead of wandering around the house throughout the day, she started to hang out increasingly in the bedroom.

More Than Fixing June’s Back

Time passed. Bucky and Sammie wandered around the house while June Bug held sway over our bedroom and wouldn’t come out. Then we started with the Medical Cannabis treatments and on about the third day, much to our amazement June Bug wandered out into the living room and into the fireplace room.

She started hanging around when my wife played with Sammie and Bucky in the morning. Most important, she relaxed and just started joining in.

We think part of that was that she was feeling better physically. But also, she was less anxious about what Bucky would do if she came out. I do not want to say she has retaken her place throughout the house, but she is back being the Queen of the House. Plus, now she sometimes plays with both Sammie and Bucky in a game called, “come and get me.”

After reading this, you might be more interested in Medical Cannabis for pets. Are these the physical challenges you have? We will bet you have some of these challenges and are looking to figure out if Medical Cannabis is right for you. Next, you need to find out more about “How to Safely Use Medical Cannabis,” 5-Steps to Safely Using Medical Cannabis, and the MediCannaCare Low and Slow Testing Process. Click here to Start.