Cannabis Tinctures

What are Medical Cannabis Tinctures?

Medical Cannabis Tinctures are an easy and fast way to ease your pain.

Many people use products that they squirt or spray into their mouths to get the relief they need. Tinctures and sprays are usually a mixture of cannabinoid extracts and oil, alcohol or glycerin.

They typically come in a small bottle and are absorbed through the mouth.

This method doesn’t irritate the lungs like smoking or using a vaporizer. You can easily control your dosage, and there is only a mild taste. Tinctures and sprays take a while to take effect and can be expensive if you need high doses.

Start slow until you determine the right dosage for you.

A tincture is made by soaking the marijuana plant in an alcohol and water mixture for at least six weeks. During that time, the alcohol and water-soluble compounds within the plant are transferred to the liquid. The liquid is then tested and used for dosing.

Medical marijuana consumed in the form of a tincture is usually taken in small doses. One or two milliliters are placed under the tongue with an eye-dropper. A tincture can also be added to food, but that slows the absorption rate.

Tinctures maintain their potency for a long period of time when they are stored correctly. When they are exposed to the air for too long, tinctures are subject to evaporation. This is why putting a couple of drops under your tongue is the most efficient way to consume a cannabis tincture.

When absorbed through the skin or mucous membranes, medical marijuana tincture acts immediately. It goes directly into your bloodstream, and its effects can be felt right away. This form of marijuana consumption makes it easy to dose very accurately.

How to Deliver the Medical Cannabis Tincture to My Pets

I must admit that I am a klutz with the tincture in that I cannot hold a cat and count the drops at the same time, so I created a tincture system to help me deliver the dose. Please note that this is what I do. Your cats (or dogs) might react differently from mine. Here is what I do:

  1. First, I roll the tincture bottle in my hands to move the contents around (Info on this courtesy of Lisa at Dockside Cannabis in Everett). I do this because I do not want to shake it and add bubbles to the liquid. Also, Fairwinds Cannabis tinctures are emulsified, meaning the ingredients are already mixed up and ready to use with a little rolling. No shaking needed.
  2. I purchased a package of Globe Scientific Transfer Pipettes w/Narrow Stem 1.2 mL, Non-Sterile, LD Polyethylene, 65mm, 138040-500 (Case of 500) for $20 and [] and a white Porcelain Egg Cup [] for $8.
  3. I turn one of the cups over and put two or three drops of the Fairwinds Cannabis Companion [link] tincture into the bottom of the cup.
  4. Then I use the pipette to suck up the liquid and give it to myself or the cats.
  5. When I give it to the cats, I make sure to spray it between the teeth and cheek so that I make sure to avoid putting it down their windpipes. I have also found that the best time to do it is in the morning after they have fed. They are quiet and it is easier to dose. Plus, I don’t want them firing up at the time when we are going to bed.