Cannabis Flower

Should I Be Smoking My Medical Cannabis?

Cannabis flowers are amazingly pretty.

Perhaps the most well-known delivery system for Cannabis is smoking. The cannabis is dried and rolled into small cigarettes. A consumer inhales the medicinal compounds with the smoke, and its effects are felt almost immediately.

Smoking is the most common method that comes to mind when someone thinks about how to use medical cannabis. You take a small portion of Cannabis and either roll it into a joint or place it in a pipe or bong.

You simply hold a flame to the end of the joint or the bowl of the pipe or bong and then inhale. The advantages of smoking include quick relief from your pain, nausea or other symptoms, easy dosage regulation and low cost.

The drawbacks include possible lung irritation. Smoking isn’t typically recommended for someone with asthma or lung problems. If you’re just starting out, only take a small hit at first to make sure you don’t have a violent coughing fit.

The dosage from smoking is more consistent when the cannabis is smoked in a pipe, rather than in a cigarette form. The smoke from burning marijuana carries the medicinal properties out one end of the cigarette while you are inhaling from the other end. A pipe, or bong, re-captures some of that second-hand smoke and delivers it back to the user.