Cannabis Capsules

What are Medical Cannabis Capsules?

Medical Cannabis capsules should look familiar!

Whether you are taking Medical Cannabis or Hemp, Capsules are easy. If you take vitamins or take prescription drugs, you are probably familiar with clear or colored capsules. In fact, Capsules are an excellent way to start imbibing Medical Cannabis.

Plus, the packaging is probably more familiar to you. Some come in bottles. Others have the typical bubble-pack in a cardboard box. Just like you see at a pharmacy or at your grocery store.

Take one or two, drink some water, and you are done. All in all, there are some great reasons for using capsules when taking your green medicine.

Good Reasons to Use a Capsule

  • As we said, they are comfortable and familiar.
  • As long as you are purchasing capsules from a Medical Cannabis Brand that is a good one, they will not only deliver a safe product, but they will also provide a consistent dose. If a particular capsule works for you, you won’t have to think about how much to take. You pop it in your mouth and reduce your anxiety or go to sleep.
  • They are an excellent way to start. To do this, however, you need capsules from a Medical Cannabis Brand that offers you options. For example. Fairwinds Cannabis offers capsules with different levels of CBD to THC (BTW, the Cannabis industry usually offers ratios that relate CBD to THC. So when you see 20:1 that means there is 20 times the amount of THC in a capsule, vape, or another way of imbibing your Cannabis).  They offer CBD ratios of 20:1 (highest CBD, lowest THC – this will get you the LEAST HIGH), 10:1, 5:1, and 1:1 (equal CBD and THC – this will get you the HIGHEST).

So if you are using the MediCannaCare Low and Slow Testing Process that we suggest, you would start with the highest amount of CBD (20) and the lowest amount of THC (1). If that doesn’t work to your satisfaction, move to the next highest ration of 10:1. Then 5:1, and then 1:1 for an equal amount of CBD and THC.

Reasons You May NOT Want to Use a Capsule

  • Most Medical Cannabis Brands do not offer a variety of capsules to help you hone in on your correct dose. One capsule is not enough, and two are too much. It is difficult to adjust the amount of THC or CBD you are taking.
  • It’s all about “bioavailability.” How high you can get from THC and how much CBD can be used to heal you depends on the bioavailability of the way you take it. If you take Medical Cannabis or Hemp and eat it like with a capsule or an edible, it goes down through your throat and ends up in your liver. At that point, your liver strips out parts of the plant, and that can include the THC, CBD, and Terpenes. So while you are getting a dose, it is usually a lesser dose or a less quality dose. In general, the more bioavailable a technique for taking Medical Cannabis is, the lower the quantity you need to experience the effects.
  • What are better ways to get higher bioavailability? Anything that gets into your bloodstream without going through your liver: Cannabis Flower, Tinctures, RSO/FECO, Vape Cartridges, Suppositories, and Concentrates.
  • BTW, if you might think, “wow injecting Cannabis juice would be 100% bioavailable.” And the answer is, “NO!” notes: “Put down the needle. Out of all of the safe, great ways to get high, why in the world would you want to risk tetanus, botulism, abscesses, and sepsis that can come from unsterile skin injections?”.

You Can Make Your Own Capsules?

Why Not? It’s not that hard to fill capsules, and you can purchase #1 vegetarian or gel capsules on Amazon for about $10. Then you cook it in a way that activates the THC and other heat-dependant parts. However, even though you can purchase empty capsules, it’s far better to buy prefilled capsules at your local Medical Cannabis retailer.

Here’s why:

Are you sure the Cannabis or Hemp you purchase or grow for capsules is safe? As we have discussed previously, this is not always the case.

For example, has it been raised outside or in an area where winds can blow pesticides over the plants you plan to use?

We used to feel confident that the fruit that we raised in our backyard was safe. We never used pesticides, and it was illegal to use them the green belt behind our house. However, that was before we realized that the area where we live sprayed for Gypsy moths during the year. If you are not near a green belt, you may have a neighbor who regularly sprays his or her roses.

Last, there is no way to duplicate a dose the next time you prepare your Cannabis for capsules. Unless you are a scientist or a bud-engineer, that is.