How to Figure Out Your Dose

How Much Medical Cannabis Should I Take?

MediCannaCare Low & Slow Method

Once you have purchased your first Medical Cannabis, I suggest that you follow the “how low can I go and still get the same positive result?” philosophy to figure out how much Medical Cannabis you should take.

Be aware that a person needs to figure out how much Medical Cannabis he or she needs to take so that it works, but not so much that you are overly tired or distracted.

Since I have started doing some Medical Cannabis every day, I have had to think this through as well, and I decided whatever we were thinking about in the 60s about Cannabis is not how we have to deal with Medical Cannabis today.

If you would like a great example of the MediCannaCare Low and Slow Testing Process, how I figured out how to dose my cats is a perfect example.

Some people use Medical Cannabis fast, and it goes out of their system quickly. Others are precisely the opposite. That may mean that, if THC is involved, a person will get high faster. But it is also possible that a person might stay high longer if they do not use the THC in their system quickly. For these reasons, it is essential to test to see how your body will react before taking a lot of Medical Cannabis tinctures or eating a lot of Medical Cannabis edibles.

Here is How I Figured Out My Dose

  • I know that I have problems sleeping.
  • Initially, I purchased Fairwinds Cannabis’ Deeper Sleep Capsules and took one a night without adding any other Medical Cannabis products or prescribed sleep prescriptions.
  • I took them over a weekend because I didn’t want my work to be disturbed if the dose was too much. Also, if you are taking a capsule, you only have one option. BTW, while everyone has similar reactions to medications, you could have a stronger or weaker result depending on how your body works. Everyone can be very different, so that’s why we test.
  • After the weekend, I figured out the Deeper Sleep Capsules were a little too strong for me. I know because when I take them, I don’t wake up clear headed and I’m still feeling the effects of the Medical Cannabis. (Note: this can also happen if you don’t give yourself enough time to use up the Cannabis as well. For example, you have to wake up at 8 am, and you take your Medical Cannabis dose at 10 PM the night before).
  • I searched for a different way to take the same sleep product, but with the ability to adjust the dose.
  • I found that Fairwinds Cannabis has another product that offers sleep support; only it comes in a tincture. The good thing about tinctures is you can take a full dose or a smaller dose just by adjusting the amount in the tube.
  • The next weekend, I took one-half a dose, and I woke up fine (clear head, rested).
  • The next weekend I added the other Medical Cannabis product  I take at night (Fairwinds Cannabis FECO capsules) and again, I woke up fine.

A Little More About Medical Cannabis

It is vital to figure out what your medical challenge is and then find a Medical Cannabis brand or product that can support that challenge. You can get some of this information from a Medical Cannabis doctor or to talk to the Medical Cannabis budtenders in a retailer. I might have a few hints on this website as well.

Ask the Medical Cannabis Brand for Their Products’ Certificate of Analysis (also known as the COA)

While there are many rules in place for Cannabis in general, there are quite a few legal and illegal loopholes. For example, California busted a variety of brands for using pesticides. Other Cannabis brands may not provide the correct information about how much THC vs. CBD are in their products and will not show if there are any contaminants such as heavy metals and fungicides as well.

A COA will tell you if the product is safe. If you cannot find a COA on the company’s website or the company refuses to share it, I would not purchase their products. Note: if you use the FEATURED Brands and Products on the MediCannaCare website, you have a better chance of finding Brands and products that will work for you. That doesn’t mean that challenges won’t occur, but what it does mean is that these companies and products have maintained consistent safety over six months.

Start Slow and Work Your Way Up.

What is the lowest dose you can take and get the effect you want? In many cases, this is hard to do unless the product is a tincture, or the cannabis brand has created steps that upgrade what you can take. For a tincture example, you can start with drops if you want. Many cannabis brands offer some suggestions on doses; for instance, Fairwinds Cannabis provides a “what is your ratio” set of products that you can use to figure out what your best treatment should be.

They offer tinctures and capsules that provide an upgrade in potency so you can start low and work your way up as needed. (please note that it is industry standard to name the ratio percentage from CBD to THC). They start at 20 CBD/1 THC, then 10/1, then 5/1, and last, 1/1. As you know more about what your system can take, you can add (but you cannot subtract).

Watch for Interactions and Entourage Effects.

Cannabis has few side effects, but it can interact with drugs you are already taking. For example, some Cannabis like capsules can metabolize through the liver, and in that case, it might amplify the effects of your doctor’s pharmaceutical prescriptions that work the same way. When you take Medical Cannabis products by mouth or vaped, they don’t go through the liver at all, this it shouldn’t react strongly with other medicines that do use it.

The bottom line is, if you are taking heavy prescriptions, we recommend working with a doctor to make sure you aren’t altering the effectiveness of your current medications. Here is an excellent article on mixing Medical Cannabis and Zoloft and other pharmaceuticals. 

Keep a Journal

It’s essential to keep a journal of your progress and challenges. Plus, it is good to track the Medical Cannabis products that help or hinder you. Keep in mind this is how I learned that while it’s ok for me to use Sativa Cannabis, in truth occasionally, Indica Cannabis is better for my issues. Secondly, I also realized that Sativa could set my mind reeling when all I want to do is sleep.

Increase the Dose Slowly

Medical Cannabis affects everyone differently. Some people metabolize it quickly. Some people metabolize it slowly. What that means is whether it is CBD or THC, the speed at which it gets into your system can be fast or slow and you can either feel the effects for a long time or for a brief time. As you find out more about yourself and how your body works with Medical Cannabis, you will be able to adjust things to fit your needs.

How You Ingest Medical Cannabis Can Change the Way You Are Affected

Which method gives you the best high? A scientist tested this and found out that if you inhale (smoke for example) or eat a capsule, each technique offers various levels of bioavailability or available Cannabis components like CBD or THC because your liver filters it out when you eat it.

You get the most amount Cannabis components in your bloodstream with smoking, vaping, or tinctures (“sublingual” or under the tongue) and that can make Cannabis stronger or can give a stronger result.

In scientific terms, this is called “bioavailability.”

Your Endocannabinoid system is designed to interact with cannabinoids and terpenes. Moreover, the entourage effect (this could be using two different kinds of ingesting two different types of Cannabis or even just how cannabinoids, terpenes, and more work together) can change your reactions depending on how you mix your meds.

In general, the more bioavailable Medical Cannabis or methods of taking your pot, the lower the quantity you need to experience the effects. High bioavailability is what separates high-quality cannabis and hemp-based products from pop you might purchase off the street. Bioavailability is how you measure potency.

But What About the Pot Brownies Story and Getting Too High?

I guess the point is to be careful initially with Medical Cannabis products with THC and that includes edibles (this will not happen with CBD-only products). First, just because less THC is slowly added to your bloodstream when you eat it, that doesn’t mean you are not going to get a whopping amount of Cannabis components slowly moving into your bloodstream and, second, by the time you are aware that you are VERY high it is almost impossible to stop it. A good reason to go slow. See “Oh Oh. I think I am too high” below.

Be Patient

When taking Medical Cannabis, you will also find that different kinds of Cannabis can make you happy or can be “trippy” (Sativa) and occasionally can make you feel weird or anxious (Sativa), or some varieties (Indica) can wrap you in a warm fuzzy feeling (known as couch lock). If you go slow, you can adjust or switch to a different Medical Cannabis product if you do not like your results.

Oh Oh. I Think I Am Too High

Well, this happens to everyone some time or another. Leafly has a great article here. Bottom line? Stay cool. Sniff some black better kernels. And watch some cartoons.


There are two kinds of addiction. One is when you do something that keeps you from living your life successfully. Can Cannabis addict people like that? Of course, it can. Television can do that too. But that’s not what we are looking to do with Medical Cannabis. We are looking for a coffee or tea-type of addiction.

You know, “I’m addicted to my coffee every morning.” If you are already taking a sleeping pill every night or blood pressure medicine, then you are already taking medications every day.

There are many substances we are addicted to, but we can change how we do it — for example, only drinking one cup of tea in the morning instead of three — or reducing our dependence on Starbucks by making coffee at home. We are not making fun of those who are addicted to Opiates or alcohol, but Medical Cannabis is in a different class than something that destroys a person’s life.

Since I have started doing some Medical Cannabis every day, I have had to think this through as well, and I decided whatever we were thinking about in the 60s about Cannabis is not how we have to deal with Medical Cannabis today.