5-Steps to Safe Medical Cannabis Use

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Most people come to this Website because they or a person or a loved one or a pet is in pain, and they are looking for a way to reduce or eliminate it.

That might not necessarily be physical pain. It could be anxiety, depression, unable to sleep, and many more reasons. But it is all the same. Most people want a healthy life for themselves or their loved ones.

You see people playing with their grandchildren, and you are having problems picking up a ball. Simple tasks like cleaning a kitchen, mowing the lawn, or picking up laundry to carry it to the washing machine can be difficult. You cannot sleep.

I settled on learning more about Medical Cannabis because I could not find any solution for my challenges using traditional medical prescriptions. Now it’s your turn.

5-Steps to Safely Use Medical Cannabis

Are you ready to try Medical Cannabis? If so, it is time to figure out how to go about preparing to use Medical Cannabis (links to each section):

  1. Locate a good doctor who has studied Medical Cannabis – Many people do not talk to a doctor before starting Medical Cannabis. But if you have a lot of complications, a doctor who knows what he or she is doing regarding Medical Cannabis can help figure out what the medical challenges there are and what kind of Medical Cannabis might support that challenge. More on this here.
  2. Find a Cannabis retailer that focuses on Medical Cannabis – there is a list here. There are Recreational Cannabis Retailers, Medical Cannabis Retailers, and Hybrid Retailers that sell both Medical Cannabis and Recreational Cannabis. You are looking for Medical Cannabis Retailers and Hybrid Cannabis Retailers. It is also essential that these retailers have taken the pains to hire Medical Cannabis-educated Budtenders or has provided them with a Medical Cannabis education, so they have their Medical Marijuana Consultant Certificate.
  3. Only purchase safe Medical Cannabis Brands that control their products from seed to shelf. A list of Medical Cannabis Brands is here. Be aware that even though some Medical Cannabis Brands have touted their safety, there have been recalls. For example, on January 19, 2019, EcoWatch published an article about recalls. You can see that here.  For this first iteration of this website, we have selected Fairwinds Cannabis as our first Medical Cannabis brand. As we find more, we will include them in the Safe Cannabis Brands on this website.
  4. Further, your Medical Cannabis education by attending events, webinars, and Meetups. You can do that here.
  5. Practice the Low and Slow Method of Medical Cannabis Use – That is next.