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This is Actually Pretty Easy.

If so, it is time to figure out how to go about preparing to your use of Medical Cannabis.

I settled on learning more about Medical Cannabis because I could not find any other solution for my challenges using traditional medical prescriptions. Before I continue, please keep in mind that I am not targeting physicians or those in the health industry. There are tons of great doctors, nurses, and other health practitioners. Let us face it. Cannabis and even Hemp has illegal since 1937, and it has not been in their best interest to know about or support it.

Last, I must say this now. Be aware that I am not a doctor, and I am not prescribing anything. I am merely sharing how I have used Medical Cannabis and pointing to people, products, and retailers who helped me AND could possibly help you.

5-Steps to Safe Medical Cannabis Use

Are you ready to try Medical Cannabis? If so, it is time to figure out how to go about preparing to use Medical Cannabis.

Most people come to this Website because they or a person or a loved one or a pet is in pain, and they are who looking for a way to reduce or eliminate it.

That might not necessarily be physical pain. It could be anxiety, depression, unable to sleep, and many more reasons. But it is all the same. Most people want a healthy life for themselves or their loved ones.

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Medical Cannabis Dose – How Much Should You Take?

Once you have purchased your first Medical Cannabis, I suggest that you follow the “how low can I go and still get the same positive result?” philosophy to figure out how much Medical Cannabis you should take.

Be aware that a person needs to figure out how much Medical Cannabis he or she needs to take so that it works, but not so much that you are overly tired or distracted.

Since I have started doing some Medical Cannabis every day, I have had to think this through as well, and I decided whatever we were thinking about in the 60s about Cannabis is not how we have to deal with Medical Cannabis today.

Medical Cannabis Legal Issues

Does It Matter That Cannabis Is Illegal Federally?

Yes, it does. Even if it is legal in Washington or your state, the Federal Government still sees Cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug.

That means that while it does not involve itself in the growing, buying, selling, or other aspects of Cannabis, there is a possibility that they might someday.

From my point of view, I need Medical Cannabis to be my best, so I have decided to support and take Medical Cannabis. I do think that because of the tax revenue that Cannabis generates, it would be hard to put the genie back in the bottle.

But this is a decision you have to make for yourself.